Neil and Fiona Connolly - PORTUGAL

We bought our caravan from Beechwood in June - having done all the research from our base in Portugal. Discussions with the Beechwood staff prior to purchase helped us enormously in making our decision; a lot of trust was put in the staff to be totally up front with us since we were making the trip back to the UK to collect the caravan. Neil Dixon brought the caravan to us to save us a longer trip than we already had and he was fabulous in showing us the ropes and very patient since we are newbie caravan owners. Even after we left the UK and encountered a couple of "issues" Neil was extremely helpful on the phone. We have had a little problem since our return to Portugal but the staff have been great with the warranty and held true. We are very pleased with our purchase and look forward to many happy holidays - can't wait till we are experienced caravanners though as I'm sure we still have a lot to learn. Thank you Beechwood Leisure.