Buckingham DL 3MT Seasonal Awning

The Camptech Buckingham DL 3MT Full Seasonal Awning is a brand new ultimate flagship seasonal pitch awning on the market, featuring a 3 meter depth you will never be short on space for all your needs.

It is exclusively manufactured and developed in Climatech SR21, a high quality and extra strong material, which is easily cleaned and extremely durable. If you compare this to other brands of seasonal awnings, you'll certainly feel the difference.

The Buckingham DL model has 4 front windows and 4 side windows, made with crystal clear PVC material, for panoramic views out on sunny days, for privacy, each window is provided with 'Privacy Blinds' and contemporary curtains to add that added finesse.

The side panels can be removed if desired, to help reduce the weight when erecting the awning on your caravan, or rolled down half way to create a veranda style opening, if you want that bit of additional ventilation on a nice sunny day, all utilizing extra high quality YKK and Techline Easy Grip Zips.

You will also find a new feature that you will not find on any other manufacturer of full awning. Camptech have added 3 extra storm strap points. Your usual 2 buckles at the side front of the awning will be found, but there are now also 2 buckles on the side rear and one central front, providing that bit of extra security and stability in heavier weather.

Camptech have included further extra value additions to the Buckingham DL, that makes this seasonal pitch awning that  more value for money;

  • 22mm/25mm Steel frame fitted with unique Griplock Clamps
  • Sizes 12 -19 is supplied with 5 x roof poles
  • Sizes 12 - 13 is supplied with 3 x front legs
  • Sizes 14 - 19 is supplied with 5 x front legs
  • Sizes 12 - 19 is supplied with 2 x roof raiser poles
  • Privacy Blinds, Fly Screen Ventilation on both sides
  • 6 Wide Doors
  • Techline Centre Secure Bracket (Techline Secure Strap Plus is an optional extra)
  • Unilok Pads
  • Techline Zips, Draft Skirt, Wheel Arch Cover (Includes clear suction cups), Curtains, Heavy Duty Nylon Pegs, Ladder Bands, Peg Bag etc.

Camptech Consumer Price List 2022

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